Address Change Tool

The websites and phone numbers of organizations you should notify when moving. 

Moving is such a hectic process. There is so much to do! You need to find reputable movers, buy boxes, pack, notify organizations of your new address, and more ...

From personal experience, having lived at 5 different places over a 2 year span, it was a headache. In particular, mail and bills were going all over the place. I wish a tool existed that could make it easy to change my address.

Today we're taking one important step in that direction - making moving painless.

We're happy to announce our free address change tool for Ottawa residents. We've collected the phone numbers and websites of organizations that are commonly notified when moving. It also contains notes with important info such as fees and deadlines.

No longer will you be left in the dark because you forgot to notify Hydro Ottawa. Or worse, forced to spend the first week without internet because you called the cable company too late. Oh, the humanity!

This tool is available for all Ottawa residents for free - even if you don't plan your move through one of our assistants. Hopefully we can make your day a little brighter!

Below is a list of the organizations listed on the tool:

  • Service Ontario (health card and driver's license)
  • CRA (GST/HST credit, universal child care benefit, WITB)
  • Outdoors Card
  • RCMP (if you own a firearm)
  • Hydro Ottawa
  • Bell
  • Rogers
  • Carleton University Alumni Association
  • Algonquin College Alumni Association
  • Ottawa Citizen
  • Canada Post (mail forwarding services)

It is not a complete list but it is a start. Depending on your situation, you may also need to notify:

  • gas / oil heating company
  • insurance
  • credit cards
  • banks
  • doctors
  • clubs and associations
  • friends and family - you don't want holiday cards going to wrong address!

If there is an organization that you would like added to the list feel free to contact us at or call at (613) 693-0044.

by Omar Shammas on Nov 15, 2014

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