Why Class Move Exists?

How our move assistants can help with your upcoming move.

I think congratulations are in order. You just sold your house, or maybe you bought one. In any case, this is exciting news. The beginning of a new chapter.

But hold on. Before you can really enjoy it, one big deadline looms. Moving day.

For the sentimental it will be nostalgic - a walk down memory lane. For the disorganized, however, it will be hell. Take my word for it. Having lived at 5 different places over a 2 year span, it takes a substantial amount of effort to ensure a smooth move. The last thing you want is to "wing-it".

If you're like most people, though, you lead a very busy life. The prospect of researching after work or on the weekend is not how I would want to spend my time off either. I could think of a hundred other things I would rather do. I would rather visit the in-laws. Ok, I'm not married but you get the point.

Wouldn't it be nice if an assistant could figure it all out, present you with your options and walk you through the moving process.

You can probably guess where this is heading.

At Class Move, one of our move assistants (on occasion referred to as move consigliere) will help you find movers, rent a truck, buy boxes, change your address and anything in between. 

We've done the homework and can make your move stress free.  Give us a call and we will present you with options tailored for your situation. For example, if cost is an issue we make sure to find you the best deal. If time is an issue then we find companies that are able to deliver on your schedule.

You will be making informed decisions and can be confident that you are getting the best bang for your buck and are buying exactly what you want.

To begin call us at (613) 693-0044 and one of our move assistants will begin walking you through the moving process. And maybe even throw in some humour. Let me give you a taste.

How do Class Move assistants treat their customers? The same way we treat our boxes. We handle them with care.

by Omar Shammas on Nov 15, 2014

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